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Learning and Support

When you invest in Bentley software, you’re taking a huge step toward ensuring project success. To fully benefit from your investment, your designers and engineers need to adopt and master it, fully utilizing the latest functionality to deliver the best outcomes for your projects and clients. We at Benca Process & Engineering Solutions Limited are committed and are Authorised by Bentley’s Institute to  providing learning programs for every schedule and budget allowing for continuous skills improvement that ultimately increases productivity, project quality, and profitability.

Choose from :

  • Live Virtual Classrooms  - Live instructor-led learning in a virtual setting via Bentley Institute’s Learn Server

  • Local Classrooms – Live instructor-led in person through local class rooms.

  • On Demand Courses – via Bentley Learn Server

  • Webinars  - Presentations ,  interaction with the presenter (Q & A)


Gain access to:

  • Access to Bentley’s Institute Press Book

Publishes a broad array of textbooks and professional reference works dedicated to the needs of the educational and infrastructure communities. Available in print and digital formats, these publications share Bentley’s years of expertise in infrastructure industries.

  • Bentley Communities

Connect with industry peers and Bentley experts to find solutions to your Bentley software questions. Leverage opinions and advice from online product communities or open a Service Request to get the guidance you need

We also offer Academic Programs.


For more information please contact us at

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